CentOS is one of the preferred Operating Systems for web hosting servers. It is one of the many Linux distributions in existence, but what differentiates it from all of the rest is its long-term support, which ensures that you'll always have a stable and secure OS. Every CentOS version that is released is supported for ten years, that is longer than with any other OS available. CentOS also has a much more numerous developer community than other distributions, therefore in case you encounter any kind of problem or have some questions, you'll be able to quickly find the data which you need. CentOS is widely known as among the best server Operating Systems, because it is very stable and secure, which makes it very reliable even when you host private information. Because it is open-source, you can modify any part of it and customize it according to your requirements, not to mention that the total cost for a CentOS-based server will be lower, as you won't need to pay license fees of any type.

CentOS in Dedicated Servers

If you need a dedicated server with CentOS, you can take advantage of the packages which we offer, due to the fact that this OS is one of the options that you'll be able to choose through the registration process. Since the software that you would like to use may have specific system requirements, we have 32-bit and 64-bit releases of CentOS. CentOS works with various web hosting Control Panels, so if you acquire a dedicated server with the Hepsia Control Panel, you are able to manage the server like you're controlling a single very large account, whereas with cPanel and DirectAdmin, you are able to have distinct accounts for the domains that you host and can even start a reseller business, since both the Control Panels offer this a functionality. When you add our Managed Services upgrade, we will also perform OS upgrades weekly and will ensure that your server is secure and has the most recent software at all times, so as to ensure the optimum performance for your sites.