At Techton-BG Ltd we provide shared website hosting offers built with a single function – to help with making your life as a web site owner effortless. Have a look at our video demonstration to find out the right way to supercharge your site using our shared website hosting plans.

For each shared website hosting package, you could also pick out your data center. We’ve got data centers, spanning across 3 continents – a US datacenter in Chicago, a UK datacenter operating in Coventry, a FI datacenter situated in Pori, a Eastern Europe datacenter operating in Sofia and an AU datacenter located in Sydney. In each data center you can experience a 99.9% network uptime and a 99.9% service uptime, guaranteed for all your web sites.

Each of our shared website hosting packs are available with the fantastic Online Control Panel. It’s intended to be the sole location you have to go to for website management. The File Manager essentially eliminates the necessity for FTP clients with its power to upload files, dragged to the Internet browser via a protected connection. When using the Domains Manager it’s possible to take care of several domain names in the same place. Techton-BG Ltd’s Web Site Installer Tool will help you install a fresh site with a custom website theme in 4 easy steps. Techton-BG Ltd’s Apps offers you the option to install any of as many as forty top–ranked apps with zero setup required.

Which is just a little part of the tools and bonuses, accessible with all of the shared website hosting packs.